Recent Charity Quilt Finishes

I have been stitching a few dozen quilt tops into finished quilts and then donating them to my local quilt guild (Reston Quilter's Unlimited). To be honest, because I sew for a living, it's not hard to do. I take a lot of my class samples and put the teaching blocks together (when I retire a class) and then my friend Jeannie C. quilts them. I put the binding on and she adds them to the piles to go to various charities.

This first quilt is from my Arrowheads workshop. Easy to make with NO funky templates!

Fresh Catch Arrowheads: 48" x 48". Block Size: 12"

I used some Windham Fabrics called Fresh Catch. And the back also has some fun motifs - perfect for that child who likes to go fishing with his/her dad or mom.

Arrowheads quilt back

The next quilt was made using some fishing motifs from Benartex: "Keep it Reel". Here is a closeup of some of the panels. I had a blog post last year on how I used these fabrics to make some simple pillowcases.

Some fabrics from Keep it Reel by Benartex

I captured some of those panels inside some simple strips. My guild friend Diane put my blocks together and created the asymmetrical border treatment.

Keep it Reel: 42" x 42"

And Diane got creative with the back using the fabrics I gave her. Perfect, huh?

Keep it Reel quilt from the back

And one last one. My sister Janet sent this quilt top that she made and didn't want (actually, she didn't love it enough to get it longarm quilted!). She knew I would donate it to a charity.

Janet's Pink Rail Fence quilt: 56" x 66"

These will go to loving homes of children, those who are undergoing chemo, those who are bedridden - or wherever else Jeannie needs to place them. Hope you enjoyed the show!


  1. I always enjoy seeing your quilt ideas, and these charity quilts are no exception. It's great to see some that are specifically boy-oriented, too.

    1. It's always a challenge to find boy themed fabrics. I am more conscious of that these days as I like to make these charity quilts. Too many girlie prints in my estimation!

  2. I like what you did with the back for Keeping it Reel.


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