English Paper Piecing My Way

This is a repost from 2014. I still love this quilt and will be using it in my next workshop on English Paper Piecing (MAQ, July 2022 in Gettysburg, PA).

This is the finished quilt, which was a favorite of a student from a previous class. Her name was "Lori" and so I named this "Lori's Favorite Garden." Clever, huh?

Lori's Favorite Garden. 12" x 18" blocks

Yes, I still love FOSSIL FERNS
Spring colors make me happy. I love the greens and the  purples and pinks, and - well - all of it!

I made these 2" EPP hexagons using  my bits and pieces of Benartex's Fossil Ferns. Did you know  that Fossil Ferns have stayed strong for almost 30 years? And  there are 100 colors. That's unheard of in the quilt fabric  world. I didn't know what I wanted to make, but I knew  something would hit me eventually.

I have the 2014 Palm Springs  Collection and selected a neutral background for my block  and two other fabrics which will become sashing and border.

3 fabrics from the new Palm Springs Collection

I have enough hexies to make at least 4 blocks. First, let's see  it from the back:
All those hexies sewn in a Grandmother's Flower Garden variation
Notice my basting. I never sew through the papers; just  stitch in the folds at the corners.

Background is cut 12-1/2" x 18-1/2"
This is a BIG block. I love big blocks (hence the title and  theme of my second book, Supersize 'Em Quilts). Notice  that I've taken the papers out of the patches and it's pinned for stitching. How did I stitch it?

I used monofilament in the top and white thread in the bobbin
- all machine sewn
Notice that the patches were joined by hand. There is no need  to remove the basting. Saves time!

Stitched onto the background and then background fabric 
is trimmed away
Nice big piece of fabric to be used for another project
And how does it look stitched?

Grandmother's Flower Garden Variation block: 
12" x 18" finished

I am currently making another quilt using this same technique. Four blocks, with a 5th one stitched over the plain center - adding more color!

This is how I currently have the four blocks made using Michael Miller's Fairy Frost and Gingham Play. I actually don't have enough room in the center for another full block, so I'll improvise with just a simple GFG without the end hexagons.

I'll keep you posted!


  1. I love to do EPP as I like handwork. I do this in the car and while watching TV. I love your flowers. Stay safe and stay cool.

    1. Thanks, Nancy. I am doing a lot of EPP this week with 3/4" hexagons. No, I'm not crazy! But, that's the smallest size I will ever work with, I promise! Thanks for stopping by.


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