FREE June Calendar Block

Did you download my FREE June Wall Calendar of blocks? If so, you will notice that today's block is an Asian inspired Cloisonné with both appliqué and Sashiko stitching. It first appeared in my 2007 desktop calendar. What does it look like?

Cloisonné Block

I used this block often in subsequent calendars. I first designed it in 2005, but the idea is NOT original with me. It is a century's old pattern.

Here is the quilt I designed. Lots of great images!

Asian Delights, 2007

I planned on making one of these blocks a few years ago and even cut out my freezer paper template. I ironed fusible webbing to the back of a large square. But I lost my motivation.

If you're interested in getting this free block, let me know. Send me an email: and I'll send the small, 3 page pdf for the original 12" block size. I ALSO include the full size template for the 8" size. (The 12" size is the half-template, easy to use with folded template material). You don't have to use the center Sashiko - just find a beautiful motif to fit inside the open space.

Here is what the block looks like in the 8", fully traceable line drawing (a much better rendering in the pdf file).

If you make one, please let me see it! I may decide to make one after all!


  1. Thank you Debby for this beautiful free block! I love Asian inspired designs, fabrics, Sashiko…all of it.


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