Sew a Quilt; Take it Apart!

I always say: "Just listen to the voices in your head!" When it comes to quilting, that has saved me from disasters more than once. I love to play with my English Paper Pieced blocks and had an idea, but it just didn't make sense when I sewed it out.

First, the parts (these are from 2014). I had no plan; just wanted to make some Grandmother's Flower Garden blocks using 2" hexies. I was getting ready to teach some classes.

Two GFG blocks

Two whole blue blocks; one partial blue block. 2 yellow blocks. One blue/yellow block.

I was working from these beautiful fabrics from Blank Quilting.

I first made something with larger hexagons which was wildly popular as a Creative Grids pattern: my Happy Hexie Table Runner. I made this about 5 times using a variety of fabrics. No pieced borders; no y-seams!

Happy Hexie Table Runner: 29" x 54"

Back to my quilt made using my EPP blocks. Here it is before I took it apart (yes; I took it apart!). I had 5 full blocks and several partial blocks. What troubled me most was the blue block on the left, in the center: I was missing a single blue fabric hexagon WHICH I KNEW I HAD CUT OUT! So, I got the idea of putting all the blocks together into this "organic" arrangement. Nothing wrong with organic, but this doesn't score any points with me!

So, I did what any artist does if he/she is not happy with her work: deconstruct it! And, wouldn't you know? I found the remaining blue hexagon when I cleaned up my EPP workshop drawers in preparation for an upcoming class! (See - it's good to clean up your messes from time to time).

Quilt deconstructed

Now they sit on my sewing room table trying to tell me what they REALLY want to become. I have no more of the original collection. I do have more of that gold in the bottom/center block. Since I give all my scraps away once I think I'm done with them, there is no hope of finding these again. But that's the challenge I love the most - make the best of what you have and it will be unique!

I'll keep you posted on my progress. For now, I do NOT regret deconstructing this quilt. And, truth be told - the little blocks are happy, too!