House Arrest Quilts: Day 3 with Windham's Spellbound Fabrics

Day 3 with some more creations made with beautiful fabric. Today I want to feature an upcoming collection called Spellbound by Katia Hoffman. It ships to quilt shops in June.

I was sent the panel and a set of fat quarters. Time to put my thinking cap on!

Spellbound by Katia Hoffman for Windham Fabrics
Here is what Katia says about her inspiration for these:

Growing up, I loved looking at the artwork of Russian master painters. Thinking about the magnificent art that they created makes me feel nostalgic for my childhood. It also inspired me to create an elegant and classic floral collection called, Spellbound. I designed this collection as an homage to an old fashion expression of love, when women received roses, forget-me-nots and handwritten notes from their loved ones. - Katia

I kept looking at the set of 6 panels (on the navy background) trying to come up with something unique. I'm not a fan of octagons but wanted to capture the centers of those gorgeous rose motifs. I woke up the other night and remembered my Pentagon Wreath block which was published in Quiltmaker Magazine in 2017. Well, why not?!!

Here are my process steps. This involves English Paper Piecing and 2" pentagon papers. I had a package of these papers left over from teaching these classes last summer.

10 pentagons in process
Because I'm serious about getting these shapes cut from the fabric without a lot of waste, I printed an oversized pentagon and transferred it to freezer paper. I cut strips of fabric to 4-1/4", ironed the freezer paper on and then cut. Almost no waste and my papers will have a 3/8" seam allowance.

Cutting my fabric pentagons
Here are the 10 pentagon wreath parts. You can see the wrong side of the patches. I DO NOT stitch into the papers, just at the corner folds. This allows me to pull the papers out and reuse them. And I leave the basting in.
My wreath is almost done!
Pulled all the papers out and you can see how neat my patches are because the stitching remains.

Wrong side of the wreath
Auditioning the wreath with one of the panels. I pin it down and stitch the wreath down to the panel using monofilament thread and a machine zigzag. Easy. Quick. Done.

Different colors, but this is the next step. Trim away the excess panel within 1/4" of that stitching. Now I'm ready for the addition of the larger background fabric.

From the front side. Now I'm auditioning the background square.
Wreath with centered motif
Because I used 2" pentagon papers, the wreath is larger than it was for my Quiltmaker pattern. I cut my background square to 13-1/2". Then I pinned the pentagons and stitched again, this time along the outside.  Here is the lovely blue block with the red and green pentagons.
My light blue block
 And my navy block:
Navy block with light blue and red pentagons
 And my red block:
Red block with navy floral and cream pentagons
There are 3 more panels with the rose motifs. I'll make some more pentagons. I hope you enjoyed seeing these beautiful Spellbound fabrics. I'm not done so I'll keep you posted.

See you tomorrow for more of my House Arrest Quilts. Don't forget my House Arrest Facebook page where you can share your projects made during this lockdown time.


  1. Hi Debby! These are gorgeous fabrics! I haven't been commenting but I have been reading every day. I'm looking forward to today's post. ~smile~ Roseanne


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