Halloween's a Comin'

Halloween is not my favorite holiday, but I'm a realist. It was always a huge celebration in school when my 3 daughters were young, and of course, the candy was spook-taculer, so I went along with it. I've made several Halloween themed quilts, too (when you get paid to make these things, it gets a lot easier!)

I pulled out some fabrics from 2014 the other day. They are from the Spooktacular Collection by Benartex (I've blogged about these before). I cut some hexagon motifs and paired them with some Windham Bedrock blenders.

Spooky motifs fit into 2" hexagon shapes

Here's the quilt I made back in 2014. I cut squares and then "snowballed" the corners. You can see the detailed steps at the Sew in Love with Fabric blog (there was a contest, but of course, it's over).

Here is the quilt quilted in 2015, which I've since gifted to one of my grandsons.

Spooktacular quilt
Yes, these fabrics are "old" but the motifs are so much fun! I still have quite a bit of it left and hope I can get some fun things made for my 4 grandkids. Don't you just love those cute spiders? (Did I really call spiders GOOD?!)

Any Halloween fabrics will work. I bet you have some in your stash that would be fun to fussy cut for a hexagon center.

Here are a few of those spooky motifs put into 2" hexagons and stitched onto cardstock cards. Sent these to my grandsons (with $$ inside, of course!)

Little cards for my grandsons

I still have more of this awesome fabric and several more hexagons cut out. Will show more tomorrow!


  1. Love how you have made the hexagons on a card. Rat's Fang and Bat's Blood have to be hits with boys!

  2. Yes, but Facebook took those down for 36 hours - too offensive! I just about had a heart attack. The boys loved them. My granddaughter (6) saw them today and wants one for a card! What’s with Facebook?

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hi Debby! Too offensive?!! Wowee. And yet they allow the political ads, etc. to stay but not FABRIC. I think these are a really fun and clever idea. Halloween isn't my favorite holiday at all, either. What exactly are we celebrating? It's turned into a candy fest and completely away from its original meaning. But with little kiddos now, I'm more on board. HAHA! ~smile~ Roseanne


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