Double Wedding Ring Week: Day 4

Now for combining all those small patches of the arcs into a single fabric and simplifying the whole process. I first published this concept in Quilt Magazine about 20 years ago. These are single fabric melon shapes appliquéd to the background fabric. Stitched so the edges fray (like a rag quilt). Have no idea who I gifted this to!

I created it again for my first book (Bold, Black and Beautiful Quilts, AQS 2004) and called it "Shotgun Wedding Ring." I'll let that set in for you - you can figure it out with this next quilt! This is NOT a digital image. You can see the quilting in the black fabric. My fellow editor, Susan Fisher, made this for the book based on a digital image I gave her. A bit controlled in the assembly, but the colors are "free spirited."

Then, Windham Fabrics asked me to design a quilt using a reproduction set of fabrics. And I used this same shape and then turned it into a workshop for the Sewing Expo in 2012.

Shotgun Wedding Ring

It was the beginning of getting professional acrylic templates made for my classes. I use a company that does a fantastic job (Quilting Creations).

Here is one of my first using the double template set. I call this Wedding Ring Blossoms. Yes, the template set has both the large melon with the open center and the cut-away template from that cut!

Wedding Ring Blossoms

Here it is in brown (digital) with pieced triangles for the background.

I also made a variation of this for Benartex Fabrics a few years ago using a collection called Sgrafitto. Do you remember it? First, I cut out a bunch of those simplified melon rings.

I pieced the background and set things in a diagonal assembly. No little melon cutaways were added.

Modern Double Wedding Ring

I also made it with a current Windham collection called Pop Dots.

Modern DWR using Pop Dots

I decided to add some of those little cutaway flowers to this one

You can check out my hard copy Modern Double Wedding Ring pattern in my Etsy shop. It comes with the two template acrylic set. I only have 8 left for the hard copy, so don't wait!

You can also purchase the DIGITAL version (11 page pdf with full-size templates). It includes these two patterns PLUS several variations and ideas (which you'll see tomorrow).

This is what the templates look like in the EIGHT hard copy patterns remaining:

Tomorrow I will share several variations of this simple technique. You didn't think I was done, did you?


  1. Love the DWR Blossom idea and the open melons layered make a wonderful block too. Hmmm, the start of a medallion center maybe? You are so creative!


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