Double Wedding Ring Week: Day 3

A lovely variation on DWR is a vintage block called Patty's Summer Parasol. Here is a page from a vintage pattern series. Published April 1, 1953! Look at those templates!

You can see that it resembles a Double Wedding Ring in part. That got my creative juices flowing and I took a paper pieced arc and single melon and began to design. But I wasn't about to stitch it into the curved background! The top piece uses my DWR pieced arc with 11 fabrics. The bottom piece is a simpler unit, shorter and fewer wedges (8). (Someone once said that the top one looks like a flying saucer!)

These are the foundation pieced wedges for Patty's Summer Parasol.

Paper pieced wedges

Drafted the melon and then interfaced the two sections (that's how I teach the class and my pattern reads). I decided on a 3-D prairie point tip and a fusible handle. Everything will be raw edge appliquéd to the cream background square!

Patty's Summer Parasol block

I wanted the parasols to dance across the face of the quilt. I made 9 blocks and twisted and turned them. Because I was working with fat quarters, I was limited in my border choices. So, I reflected the fabric colors in the blocks and added a gray striped binding.

Updated Patty's Summer Parasol

Those umbrella/parasol edges are turned under using interfacing, so no fiddly needle turn appliqué. This is one of my favorite quilts and I so enjoyed teaching it about a dozen times. The pattern is a digital 7 page pdf with lots of illustrations, full size templates for melon, handle and instructions for making the prairie point. Go ahead and make a king sized quilt - you can print the foundation as many times as you wish.

Tomorrow I share some DRW quilts using shortcuts. See you then!


  1. Beautiful and very inspiring....thanks so much Debbie.

  2. Before adding the tip and the handle, they look to me like little hats.

  3. I really like how the border and umbrellas play off each other. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I love this! The pretty umbrellas, the color matching border, everything!! No idea when or if I would ever make this, but I will be ordering the pattern for sure!
    Kathleen - kakingsbury at verizon dot net

  5. Ok, way too cute and a great update on DWR arcs!!

  6. What a cute, cute way to use the double wedding ring.


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