Thursday, October 8, 2020

Recent Quilt Finishes

I make a lot of quilts. Let me repeat: I make a LOT of quilts. I sew for the camera. I sew for the classroom (where I'm the teacher). I sew just because I LOVE to sew. And I love working with beautiful fabrics. This Winding Ways quilt (made with Days to Remember fabrics) was a class sample from 2012. 10" blocks. Notice my inner border - positive/negative colors.

Winding Ways

Yes, I stitched all 12 of those curved block patches - NINE times! But, they were laser cut by John Flynn's company, so that made it much easier. Check out my "cheaters" Winding Ways quilt pattern for easy appliqué for the same look. You can see a lot of step photos there, too.

I went through my closets of quilt tops (at least 4 dozen) and pulled out 10 that I designated to go to local charities. (First wave; more to come) Another guild member quilts them on her long arm machine! Here's one more called Garden Maze. Same colors, but different fabric collection. Click that link and go to the post from several years ago that shows this tutorial. You can make your own!

Garden Maze quilt (about 40" x 40")

Here is my Twisted Hexagon variation made using the current collection called Potpourri by Laura Heine. Check out the blog post where I show how to cut these shapes using my 60 degree triangle ruler (whole hexagons and half hexagons).

Twisted Hexagon quilt: 33" x 38"

And one more using my Tilt pattern and an older Windham collection called Gardening. I've used this block about a dozen times to make all sorts of quilts. If you have a Tri-Recs ruler or even a Half-Rectangle ruler by Creative Grids, you can make this. Easy and fun. Blocks are about 10" with NO bias on the outside edges (you don't sew strips on and then trim - that makes for wobbly blocks.)

Tilted Garden Quilt

You probably recognize these fabrics from my pattern: Audrey's Garden quilt. Appliqué, paper piecing.

Audrey's Garden Quilt: 40" x 40"

That's it for this week. I have a pile of 8 more quilts to bind. You'll be seeing them here soon.

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  1. Hi Debby! I love this version of Twisted Hexagon as well as Tilted Garden. It's fun that you love to sew and share these beauties with us. ~smile~ Roseanne


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