Halloween Fun Motifs

More fun ways with cards and fabric! This spooky spider is also from the Spooktacular collection (2014) and I made a simple card with my 6 year old granddaughter. She chose the motif, we centered it on the cardstock and I helped her sew it (by machine) to the card. We also test drove a window card (meant for photos) and she loved putting those cute Christmas penguins inside!

Mixing Halloween and Christmas

My Quilter's Block a Day Calendar (Martingale, 2004) has several blocks that have a Halloween theme for October. This is Pumpkin Vine, a variation on Drunkard's Path.

Pumpkin Vine

This is a set of 4 flying bats that I made for a Blog Hop many years ago. Don't you love those spiders?!

Bat Wreath

Here is a VERY old quilt I made about 20 years ago: Kitty in the Pumpkin Patch. Not living with me anymore; not sure if one of my 3 daughters has it or if I gifted it to someone. I'm sure it's happy that it can live outside my closet!

Kitty in the Pumpkin Patch

Sometimes (and only sometimes!) I made something other than a quilt. Pillowcases are always good (and functional). I made this in 2013. Yes, those spiders were still hanging around. I gave this to one of my grandsons.

Pillowcase front

And the pillowcase back. That owl hexagon is just sitting on there. He's not attached. My granddaughter decided to put him on another card! Not sure who she's going to send all these to, but she loves making them!

Pillowcase back

There are several more Halloween themed items that I shared in the past. You can do a search in the "search" box on the right side. Now, with Halloween being tomorrow, I need to start thinking about Thanksgiving (and Christmas).

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  1. Love the Kitty in a Pumpkin Patch quilt. I remember when you did those bats. I always found them fascinating(and still do.) I also like the card ideas. Spiders, I can do without.


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