Friday, October 2, 2020

Rose Star Week: Day Five

Let's see some more kites. Or maybe you've seen enough! These are used in my 2nd Stacked Kites quilt. They have a 1930s flavor. The Stacked Kites planning sheet is included in my Rose Star pattern.

1930s fabrics in kites

Here are my 3-patch units. These are the same units used in the Rose Star quilts. I used two different light prints with the kites shown above.

3-Patch units

I sewed until I ran out of the light blue and white floral fabrics. That means I'm DONE! Now for a border. Or maybe I don't need a border; just binding.

Stacked Kites: 44" x 52"

Here is my set of various kite-shaped rulers. I didn't include one of them (much like mine - for only one size) which I paid $14 for! I bought the Clearview Super 60 ruler ($27.00) but there are NO directions for cutting kites. I even wrote to the designer. Crickets!

The Creative Grids Kites-Plus ruler (also $27.00) works for 4 sizes. The cutting directions need to be edited (my opinion) because of a LOT of fabric waste. The light blue ruler is about 25 years old and was never used for cutting kites as used in all my examples. They make dresden plate-type units.

I have a few more items that I'll share tomorrow, variations on the same theme. See you then!


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