Friday, October 9, 2020

One More Pickle Dish Quilt

Well, technically, this is NOT a Pickle Dish. Another famous quilt designer calls this pattern Pickle Dish. It's really a fat Double Wedding Ring. I shared this a few months ago made with bigger blocks. I actually had another set of 16 blocks made using the same fabrics but they are smaller. I was test driving my pattern (about 10 years ago) and began small. I soon realized this would frustrate my students, so I upsized it.

Pickle Dish (Fat Double Wedding Ring): 47" x 47" (smaller blocks)

Notice that I arranged the blocks differently than the first one. What? You don't remember the first one?

Pickle Dish (Fat DWR) with larger blocks: 58" x 58"

I constructed this by paper piecing the arcs. I broke up the curved white background patches instead of using a single curved, four sided unit. The pattern has all the templates and foundations to make this any size.

I made four of these units.

I certainly can piece those four-sided curved units, but it makes my head hurt and I sweat bullets. Here is one I did for my 1930s, vintage inspired Double Wedding Ring (that's coming soon). 

Traditional method for joining Double Wedding Ring units

So, now let's see four DWR blocks together with that center curved unit split into fourths. You can see the seams in the center, but, who cares? It's done and I still have all my hair!

Four Double Wedding Ring units stitched together

If you love paper piecing, check out this pattern. I'm planning on having Double Wedding Ring Week here on the blog, so you will see this again, along with several other versions and variations. And you know I will have quite a few!


  1. Awesome designs....keep one awake planning for sure!

    1. thanks! Yes, I love bright colors; it keeps me attentive to the project so I don't lose interest.

  2. I love it, no matter what the name is! The top arrangement, in particular, would be a fun quilt for a little girl.

  3. I too love it. I’m especially drawn to the quilt with the dark dotted border and non-traditional layout. The fabrics are gorgeous.


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