Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Double Wedding Ring Week: Day 2

I was playing with some of the paper pieced arcs at the very beginning. I decided to interface them and appliqué them to a background square and add triangles to the corners. Pretty clever, huh? I use this as a teaching sample for Beginning Machine Quilting classes.

This is a fuzzy picture (from 2008), but I think you get the idea.
4 paper pieced arcs, interfaced and aligned on square

These are my paper pieced arcs before trimming and taking the paper off:

Here are some trimmed arcs from one of the quilts yesterday:

Paper pieced arcs

Then I added corner squares and sewed along the diagonal; trimmed and pressed.

I was playing with the Creative Grids DWR ruler set and used a single fabric arc. But this was a LOT of trouble, so I only made one!

That's enough for today. Tomorrow is a sweet variation on DWR that you've seen here before, but she insisted that I include her this week. I know you'll like it!


  1. I love this idea and the one done in Kaffe fabrics is amazing!
    You have taught me so many valuable lessons about better ways to do fun quilting!

    1. Hi, Gloria. Yes, we all love the KF fabrics. Thanks for those kind words about teaching you things. I miss being in the classroom and being able to blog about these things takes the edge off!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Betty. I'll pass on your kind words to my samples!

  3. The quilting on that first one is amazing. I find it hard to believe that is a beginning machine quilting class sample. I have taken two FMQ classes and we never came close to accomplishing something like this.

    1. Hi, Susan. I always introduce stencils to my students (after we free motion with the feed dogs down!) Many of them breathe a sigh of relief, to be able to follow the lines. I buy a variety of stencils for them (as part of their kit fee) and they choose one and then there are smiles all around. We still keep our machines feed dogs down, but they like following those lines!

      Thanks for your kind words about that OLD sample. She will be happy to know she still can inspire. All my classes from mid-March thru the end of the year were cancelled and she’s been sitting in the box under my bed with the rest of the class samples, probably plotting a mutiny! Maybe I should do a Machine Quilting Week on the blog!

      Always good to hear from you!


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