Storm at Sea: Day 3

Here we are at Day 3. I might have enough for one more day after this (but I'm still thinking!)

This little quilt was made using some sample, pre-cut patches from John Flynn. His daughter Kate sent them to me to assure me that the hundreds (and thousands) of pre-cut patches for my workshop kits would be perfect. This is a small quilt; these patches are small, but they stitched together beautifully!

The units are 3" x 3"; 3" x 6"; and 6" x 6". I never could have done this without the pre-cuts.

Pre-cut patches from John Flynn

I wanted to make one to show my students two different colorways. I tend to over-prepare for my classes. I want my students to be inspired by different colors and fabrics. Yes, I kept the little boats all going in the same direction. I guess there's no storm happening out there on the seas!

Storm at Sea (pattern on Etsy)

Cutting these diamonds and half-rectangle patches are made easier using a Tri Recs tool (or other rulers like them). My pattern does have easy paper templates.

Here is one that I made 9 years ago for Blank Quilting. I didn't design it, but they wanted me to sew it. When I looked at all the different pieces, I said, "NO WAY!" was I going to cut all of them out. I convinced Blank to get them laser cut from - you guessed it - John Flynn! First, the patches:

Laser cut patches from Stormy Seas pattern by Yolanda Fundora

The quilt you see here is only 46" x 46" FINISHED. That's why I didn't want to cut all those patches. But it truly is beautiful and once finished, it thrilled everyone involved. I had leftover patches which I gave away as a prize to a lucky blog follower.

Stormy Seas. Designed by Yolanda Fundora, made by me

Yes, I have two more quilts that I'll share tomorrow. One is from a student. The other is a variation of a pattern I wrote for a fabric company. See you then!


  1. I love storm at sea. To me, it means courage: not only those who work on the waters, but also many of our ancestors who came to the US or other countries on ships, and didn't realize the hardships they would experience on the ships, or what they would face at the end of their journey. I especially like when the solid blocks are replaced by snails trail. Snails trail reminds me of water spouts, and look perfect on Storm at Sea. This is such a beautiful quilt, and your work is so lovely to see. Thanks, Debby!

  2. I did 9@ 9" block version at a class by John (2.25, 2.25 X 4.5, 4.5" finished units), bought laser cut. I also thought his 20" templates that I've used for queen sized quilts. One of my favorite designs.

  3. Beautiful quilts! Love the pattern!

  4. I love your variations of the same quilt using different fabrics. So inspiring!

  5. Wow, this is gorgeous in those Blank fabrics! I always felt the same way about cutting for an SAS project so I was thrilled when Accuquilt came out with a die for it. This has made me really look forward to playing with the coloring for one.


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