Storm at Sea: Day 1

I've been revisiting a quilt that I honestly thought I'd retired! I taught a series of workshops about 9 years ago and made a few quilts for those. But one I made just the other day is becoming one of my favorite ways to color the units. I call it the "I Love You" version (a heart). Can you see it?

Storm at Sea Heart center (35" x 35")

For my workshops I had decided to get the quilt kits laser cut by John Flynn. They were awesome and when I handed them out to my students and they looked at all the perfectly cut patches (and NO cutting for them), they stood and clapped and cheered! I was a Rock Star (for a day). Click on that link and you can go to his web site and see the various Storm at Sea kits ready to go!

Here are the blocks before I put them together in my Heart version above:

Units ready to put into my Heart Storm at Sea

And here is the vintage pattern as given almost 100 years ago! Do you think you'd want to do it this way?

I'll be back tomorrow with more of my own Storm at Sea quilts. I've given them all away (except this new one). Stay tuned!


  1. Hi Debby! Wow, a laser cut kit sounds fabulous. Talk about precision piecing! Thanks for sharing the link - I'll check it out. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. I love this version. I have never made storm at sea, but hope to do so at some point.


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