Fairy Frost, Day 2

I was taught early in my professional quilting career to "sew for the camera." That means to let the fabrics do the work so that viewers can see the various prints and want to BUY them! Magazines weren't published to entertain only; they needed advertisers to keep the doors open and that meant inviting fabric companies to come along for the ride (and pay for admission!)

I have made the Flying Swallows quilt several times. It's currently a class I teach for the Sewing Expo. (Next class is in Akron, Ohio.) The most recent version used Fairy Frost. Here are a few of the 45 degree diamonds I cut.

Diamonds cut from Fairy Frost

No - I did NOT use templates. Pull out your acrylic rulers and do you see those 45 degree lines that run along a diagonal? Yep! That's what I used! 

Makes it very enjoyable for my students. I cut two different sizes of triangles from more Fairy Frost - and then BIG triangles from that dark blue.

Now, what does it look like when put together? Isn't this amazing? And, of course, there are NO y-seams!
Fairy Frost has that bit of sparkle with the metallics running throughout. This makes my quilts shine.

Flying Swallows block: 24" x 24"

I found the perfect border print in my stash. Not sure where I got this from, but the colors work so well with that center block! I'm leaving it unquilted so that my students can look at my seams on the wrong side.

Flying Swallows Quilt: 38" x 38"

You can find this pattern in my Etsy shop with a few other versions. The pattern has several color process shots of cutting and piecing. I absolutely loved creating this with the Fairy Frost for the swallows. They sparkle as they fly in the sky. See you tomorrow for Day 3.


  1. Such a pretty version of a quilt I love. Did you know that the Sioux reservation quilts make a gorgeous version of flying swallows, too? It's sort of a signature design for them - or used to be. Who knows how things have changed in 40 years. LOL

    1. Hi, Susan. Thanks for that piece of info! I'll go check it out. I'm sure there are some quilts on Pinterest that trace to the Sioux tribe. Will report back!


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