Windham Wednesdays and a Sneak Peek

Getting ready for my Christmas in July posts. One is with Windham Fabrics and their Merry and Mod collection. I am combining it with their new Diamond Dust blenders (released in 2020).

Diamond Dust by Windham Fabrics

Merry and Mod is releasing to quilt shops this month (June 2021) and it a fun, fresh and colorful group of Christmas fabrics. This was designed by the VERY talented Natalie Barnes (one of my favorite fabric designers!)

Merry and Mod by Natalie Barnes for Windham Fabrics

Let's see another shot of these fabrics. Isn't this the greatest with the three Buffalo Plaids (green, black/red and black/white)? They are an unusual - but perfect - accompaniment with those fabulous prints!

I used one of my tried and true patterns and was able to use 6 of the prints in my yet to be revealed 30" x 30" quilt. Remember, I am working with fat quarters, but I can do wonders with those cuts and you will love to see my creation.

Yes, I still have several of the other prints left. They are whispering to me from the shelf. They want to come out to play and I've told them that they can - as long as they don't leave a mess in my studio. Ha!

I'm not sure when this will post in July, but if you're on my email list (now with as Blogger is retiring their email notification) you'll hear about it when it happens!

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  1. Hi Debby! Ooh, those fabrics are so pretty. Quite a variety of non-Christmas colorings! I look forward to seeing what you come up with. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Those are unusual together, but knowing you, they are going to make a stunning project!


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