Magazine Cover Quilts, Day Two

Quilt magazines are no longer the main way we quilters get our inspiration and instruction. But when I began writing and designing for Quilt Magazine in 1993, they really were the top dog! I loved all my quilting magazines. Do you remember Quilter's Newsletter? Big Sigh, right?

We continued to ADD titles through the first 10 years. This is the premier issue of Appliqué Quilts (2000) and that's my quilt as the large center (Garden Flowers) and also the little Dutch Hearts Sampler at the top left. All by machine, of course!

On the cover of the premier issue of Appliqué Quilts (twice)

That single large pot of flowers on the yellow background was an extra block that I had cut incorrectly. There's a seam in the yellow square, but it didn't keep it from being on the cover! I added dogtooth borders and then my curved picture frame outer border took it to a nice size. All machine work, btw!

Then here's another from 1997. Quilt Almanac, which we produced once a year. I have two quilts on the cover of this one. They are the bottom two and they both use my shortcut Drunkard's Path technique.

There's another Drunkard's Path quilt inside. I have a photo somewhere on my computer. These quilts have long ago been given away.

Here is my Purple Night Skies. I added woven sashing between the drunkard's path units. I made this in 1996. Isn't it fun how that sashing runs in and out. There are no funky seams, btw!

Purple Night Skies: 23" x 23"

Hope you enjoyed seeing some really old quilts! But, for us at the magazine, they were new and fresh and our readers were delighted to get so many patterns in one place for only about $7.00!


  1. Debby, I would love to know more about how you made your curved picture frame outer border! Is there a pattern, or a tutorial???? Thanks!!

  2. It was free form drawn on a big piece of freezer paper and when I was happy with the curve, I then used that as my template for cutting my fabric (which was interfaced on wrong side). Then attached to BG fabric with machine zigzag.

    1. Thank you, Debby! I made a similar one for an embroidered pumpkin quilt I made and used freezer paper for it as well. I only tacked mine down at strategic points, however. I was hoping you had an easier way! LOL

  3. Yes, still sighing after all these years over the demise of Quilters Newsletter. I'm a little late to this blog series but have enjoyed these posts because back issues of QUILT magazine (particularly the ones from the 1990's) are some of my favorite old magazines to find. This year I finally finished an old UFO (layered up in 2012) made of blocks from a 2009 swap. I had finished the top the year after the swap inspired by a quilt layout from a 1999 issue of QUILT. Needless to say I'll be on the lookout for that Almanac issue now too, LOL!!


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