Fairy Frost, Day 4

Another day, another way with Fairy Frost. Actually, a continuation of yesterday and those lovely hexagons. Let's see some of the beautiful hexagons in Fairy Frost and Gingham Play. I cut my fabrics and then stitched a lot of hexagons. This photo shows the orange block done. Sweet, huh?

Block parts with a single block finished

I am not going to add the outer solid hexagons on the sides of these blocks. I'm going to float them on a background made up of various light colored Fairy Frost. I only have fat quarters, so that limits me. I like that sort of challenge!

I'm going to try and recreate some version of a quilt I've made a few times before. The one in this picture was made with class samples from several years ago. I had four rectangular blocks and when I put them together the center was too boring! I added a fifth block to that center and it filled in the space beautifully. One of my students, Lori, said this was her favorite quilt from the workshop. I named it after her!

Lori's Favorite Garden Quilt

You saw my lavender block yesterday. Here's my green block before putting it on the Fairy Frost background rectangle.

Gingham Play and Cotton Couture Grandmother's Flower Garden

Here are my 4 blocks stitched together. Not really exciting, but I'm not done! I have another 9 of these blocks that I plan on adding. Not sure where I'm actually going, but it will be similar to what you see above in the quilt picture.

Four blocks waiting for their buddies to be added

I like to make my quilts on the fly. Things often change as I go along. I think this will be the case for this quilt because out of the corner of my eye I am seeing this up on my design board and some other pieces of Fairy Frost that I cut and I'm just not liking it. I think the seam ripper is calling to me!

You may see these separated tomorrow! Come back and see. . .


  1. Love the blocks of paper piecing. For me it is a great hand piecing block.
    Thanks for ideas.

  2. Yes, I do a lot of this type of handwork in the Summer. A great take-a-long sewing project.


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