Fairy Frost, Day 3

More blocks, more quilts, more sparkle using Fairy Frost. I'm back with some hexagons and English Paper Piecing. I've been working on these blocks for a few years. Not sure where I'm headed, but I am just along to enjoy the ride. And it's such a lovely ride to be working with lovely fabrics.

This is Gingham Play by Michael Miller. I shared some of this in 2019 and I was using Cotton Couture with it. But I couldn't find quite the color match from the bundle I received, so I had an "aha" moment and grabbed some of my Fairy Frost. Aren't these SO beautiful together?!!

Fairy Frost and Gingham Play

It looks like candy, doesn't it? I began to cut it up to make more of my Grandmother's Flower Garden blocks. Oh, you haven't seen those? Allow me! First, this is what I used for my blocks which I started in 2019.

Gingham Play and Cotton Couture

I made a few large blocks using 2" hexagons. Here is my purple/lavender set.

Various 2" hexagons

This is a variation on a Grandmother's Flower Garden. I added the outside solid hexagons for an elongated block. You'll see . . .

Grandmother's Flower Garden variation

Then I brought in my Fairy Frost for background rectangles. I cut a 12-1/2" x 17-1/2" rectangle of light lavender and then appliquéd the above block to it. Papers came out first!

Machine Appliquéd block to background

Trimmed away Fairy Frost from behind the block.

I made 4 of these. I'll be showing them all together soon. But for now, pull out your gingham fabrics and look for some solids/blenders/Fairy Frost and get going!

If you type "English Paper Piecing" and "hexagons" into the search bar at the top of this page, I have a lot of blog posts that show steps for doing this if you're unfamiliar. See you next time for Day 4 of Fairy Frost!


  1. What perfect matches! Looks like the same dye lot and makes a great block.

    1. I think they do work with the same dye lots for most of their collections. I've seen it with other fabric companies. They all play so nicely with each other, right?

  2. Who would have thought that Fairy Frost would be perfect with gingham. Awesome idea for some FF I've had just waiting for the right pairing to come along!

    1. So glad my fabrics inspired you! The Michael Miller ginghams are some of the best I've had. They are quilt shop quality cottons and the colors are awesome. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I love how you’re using the Fairy Frost.
    Just the inspiration I’m needing!
    I’m making some small blocks with Fairy Frost as part of my current project which uses a RK multi color fabric.

  4. Hi Debby! Oh, those gingham fabrics!!! What a fabulous collection. I need to check those out, right this minute. Nice job. ~smile~ Roseanne


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