Fairy Frost, Day Five

I truly love these sparkling blenders. And they really DO sparkle! Here's a sneak peek at my Christmas in July post as I needed to pre-wash my Fairy Frost before combining them with the Minky. They were a little worried, but I assured them they would be fine in the washer - just a little bath before bedtime!

Fairy Frost about to get a bath!

I made 6 large Grandmother's Flower Garden blocks with that first set of matching Fairy Frost and Gingham Play. Aren't these yummy? Candy with no calories!

Here are my blocks from the back. You can see how I stitch these hexagons. And my papers were cut from a variety of card stock that I had.

Blocks from the back

And aren't they beautiful from the front?

Still unsure how I'm going to combine them with the others that used the Cotton Couture for the centers. It will eventually come to me! In the meantime, I was busy stitching some little hearts. These are called jewels and two jewels make a heart.

I'm auditioning them on some blocks I made 2 years ago using a Michael Miller holiday collection. Isn't this fun?

Little EPP hearts hanging out with some holiday fabric

Cute little trees on that center navy square:

And one more, which is my favorite! I combined those little hearts with my Grandmother's Flower Garden block. I used a 15" background square with little pink stars on it. I am making 3 more hearts to finish this. 

Dancing Hearts in My Grandmother's Flower Garden

I was able to get the last 3 hearts done and stitched in place. Now, which version do you prefer?
  • Single heart at the top (sitting in the "v" of the Garden block

  • Two hearts at the top (left and right)

I've not seen this combination of hearts and hexagons before. Have you? Maybe I've created something unique?!! I'm going to work on the other 5 blocks and see if I can find some other background fabrics for them. These will be my Dancing Hearts in My Grandmother's Flower Garden!

Hope you enjoyed my Fairy Frost week. 


  1. Love the blenders with those Gingham Play fabrics!! Really love the hearts and hexagons block. Nope, never seen that! I love the hearts all around! What size are your hexies?

    1. Hi, Brenda. I shared this info on Day 3, but I'm happy to share it again. They are 2" hexagons. Yes, those hearts are fun with the hexagons!

  2. The hearts and hexagons is a really nice look. It would make an interesting quilt. May be add plain quilted blocks between each hexagon/hearts blocks?

    1. As I go along and make more this certainly will evolve in design. Thanks for that idea!

  3. Love the hearts all around flowers. I'll have to look for hearts.
    Thanks for ideas.

    1. Hi, Nancy. The hearts are made from TWO Jewels. They're diamonds with a small triangle taken off one tip. Type in "jewels" here on the blog (and hearts) and you will see my steps for doing this.


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