FREE Stash Block Saturday: Pinwheel Variation

Another Saturday, another free Stash Block. This appeared in Quilt Magazine in 2006. It was a regular feature in our magazines and we featured a different (and new) fabric collection from one of the many vendors who advertised with us. This was from a company called Springs Creative.

Pinwheel Variation: 12"
There are SO many Pinwheel blocks in the quilting world. This is just one that is surrounded with some gold and pink triangles. The pinwheel is the center (blue and maroon). The cutting of the patches is easy. It's also important to cut them the way I describe so that you have NO bias edges on the outside of the block.

Here is an OLD quilt of mine published 20 years ago. NOW you can see the pinwheels!

Pinwheels and Squares
Then there's my Pinwheel Star from a Block of the Month program in 2012:

You can download the one page pdf and start making some Pinwheel Variation blocks. I do ask that you DO NOT print and distribute or share the digital file. You certainly can share the link to this blog post so your friends can get the pattern themselves. Thanks and have a great weekend.


  1. The Pinwheels and Squares quilt is really cute.

  2. This is a nice pinwheel block. Thank you. Happy Easter.


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