Kimono Week, Day Three with Windham's Sashiko

Day 3. Are you still with me? I teased you with these Sashiko fabrics from Windham a few times. I revisited one of my tried and true patterns (tho it's been around for a long time) for a pieced kimono. Why not?

Here are the 8 fat quarters from the collection that I chose, plus a taupe from Bedrock and a red from Color Wall (Mary Koval is the designer). The white is anybody's guess as to the designer! We all have some white, right?

8 skus from the Sashiko Collection plus a few supporting cast
I pieced my blocks and put them into a four block center, all the while using the floor as my design wall. Why? Because I had another quilt in progress on my wall and I didn't want to take that down. When I took a picture of the quilt center, I realized I didn't like the arrangement! Can you see why?

I think I need to rearrange the blocks!
And can you guess what I did next? Oh, YES I did!

Taking the blocks apart and rearranging them
Then I stitched again. This actually took less than 15 minutes. I'm glad I did. It looks more balanced with the darks and mediums.

Kimono blocks fixed
I have a small collection of Asian prints from years past and I pulled two prints. Very cute and it was time for me to cut into them, right? And I had two more prints for the back.

First, here is a very large panel that I was able to use for the back. I added a strip of red down the center in order to make it big enough.

Sashiko Kimono quilt back
And finished!
Sashiko Kimono quilt: 42" x 42"
I will have this pattern for sale in my Etsy shop when the collection ships to the stores. In the mean time, you'll see a few more of my kimono quilts tomorrow. Until then, celebrate blue and white!