Twisted Hexagon Week, Day Three

Today I'm going to use the new collection by the fabulously talented Laura Heine called Potpourri.
And, yes, it is a mix of many things - all of which are beautiful and happy and full of flowers and dragonflies. It is due to be in your local quilt shop in June. As I was working with these fabrics I realized that Laura's fabrics are "low value." Sort of a "blendy" way of working together. You will see this as I share just a few pics.

Do you remember the fabrics I shared in early March? I'm going to continue my theme of Twisted Hexagons with these.

Potpourri by Laura Heine for Windham Fabrics
I ran out of time to do decent photos because I was busy stitching the quilt, so you'll have to come back on Thursday! Here are a few steps of the four Twisted Hexagon blocks that I was ready to stitch.

Cutting the whole hexagons (for a 5" finished height). I used my own 60 degree ruler, though any multi-sized triangle ruler will do WITH A BLUNTED TIP. Do NOT use the pointy ones - they won't work with "normal" numbers.

Cut a 5-1/2" x wof strip; fold with raw edges at top. Cut with ruler and then move over for the next cut. (The numbers on the ruler are in my pattern).

Cutting Whole Hexagons
What happens if you flip the ruler? Glad you asked! The ruler has to always be upright as shown above.

NOT a whole hexagon, right?
And cutting the half hexagons using my half-hexagon template. You CERTAINLY can cut them with that 60 degree triangle ruler, but I pulled this out because it was the right size. 3" strips (for a 2-1/2" finished height). No waste for the half-hexagons.

Cutting half hexagons
Remember, the template above is ONLY for a certain size. Using a multi-sized 60 degree triangle ruler can be used for ANY size.

Here are the parts for one of the four blocks.

Twisted Hexagon parts for a 10" finished block (as in my Sockey pattern)
And the finished quilt top (about 33" x 38"):

Twisted Hexagon Quilt
Yes, I added some rotary cut diamonds and those "squaring up" triangles on the sides. And the cream triangles (which are also 5" finished height).

Believe it or not, those large diamonds are also cut from 5-1/2" strips and you DO NOT NEED a template. They measure 5-1/2" from flat side to flat side! I used the 60 degree line on my ruler to get the angle and sliced off the side. Then I measured 5-1/2" from that first cut and sliced again!

When I teach classes, I always give my students construction paper to practice on! Good idea, huh? Why don't you go try it yourself with a piece of scrap paper.

Remember, I was given fat quarters. The borders are a creative way to make good use of fat quarters!
Go visit the Windham website to see the fabrics and check out the Look Book of some amazing quilts made by Laura using these!

Potpourri Fabrics by Laura Heine for Windham Fabrics
I do sell my multi-sized 60 degree triangles. They come with some of my patterns. I'll get that info up in my Etsy store if you're interested. In the meantime, check in your sewing room to see if you have one of these rulers. I bet most of you do!

See you on Thursday with a few more tips on what you can do with a Twisted Hexagon block and its parts.


  1. Just what I was thinking. Going to check my sewing room, I'm sure there is one out there someplace. I love this one, colors are great. It all goes together well.


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