Kimono Week: Day Four

Well, I teased you yesterday with my latest kimono quilt using 4 blocks and the upcoming Sashiko fabric from Windham. I have an older quilt that I made 15 years ago with the same blocks but I never quilted it - until last week. Here it is. I call it the Bamboo Garden Kimono.

Bamboo Garden Kimono: 43" x 56"
Here she is before quilting:
Before quilting - looks the same, right?
I wrote the pattern so that there are 3 sizes available: 4 block (like the blue and white one yesterday), 6 block (like this one) and 9 blocks (as my students wished to make). Check it out!

Yes, you can even make the blue one (but the Sashiko fabrics aren't in the shops yet):

Sashiko Kimono quilt
I designed a few digital kimono patterns. This one is combined with a paper pieced lantern.

Japanese Lantern and Kimono paper pieced patterns
I used these patterns several times in my Block a Day calendars. Yes, they are paper pieced!

I have one more set of kimono tomorrow (I hope! I have to finish sewing, ha ha). I hope you'll join me for my Friday blog post which also features the second in my Kaffe Fassett Field Notes series. Yes, I'll have a kimono post, too!