Twisted Hexagon Week, Day Two

I teased you with my Festive Chickadee Twisted Hexagon block yesterday and I got the borders on yesterday. I used 2 different prints because I didn't want the chickadees to fly sideways!

9 Little Chickadees: 10" blocks. No set-in seams
Yesterday you saw the whole hexagon at the center of a Twisted Hexagon block. You can cut any size whole hexagon using your 60 degree triangle ruler. That info is always included in my patterns and when I teach these workshops. It's not something I came up with; some mathematician discovered it. I'm just happy to pass it along.

Just a hint: it all depends on the finished height of the center hexagon; you add 1/2" for seams and cut a strip, fold the fabric and cut with the ruler. The finished height of the half-hexagons is based on the size of the center hexagon.

This is a Twisted Hexagon using English Paper Piecing. You can see the individual 6 half-hexagons lined up to join with the center hexagon. This is sewn all by hand.

EPP Twisted Hexagon
But what about machine stitching? Glad you asked! (This is my most pinned block on Pinterest with tens of thousands of pins!) One fussy cut center hexagon with 6 half hexagons ready for stitching.

Fussy cut bird using Wings Collection by Benartex Fabrics
Begin with a partial seam on the first half-hexagon. Then press seam up.

Step 1
Then add next half hexagon as shown below. Press up.

Step 2
 Keep stitching as in a Log Cabin technique. Fold first half-hexagon up, join last half hexagon, and then complete first seam.
6 hexagons stitched; seam is ready to be completed
Here is my lovely block:
Lovely mug rug. 12" finished block
And another one using an earlier Chickadees collection by Jackie Robinson. That is not a wrinkle on the chickadee; that's a seam because the warehouse cut a lot of those little heads off!

My Little Chickadee mug rug. 7" height
Here are a few other blocks just waiting for a home in a quilt.

16" block!
As you can see by this next block, this has been waiting for 8+ years. I have several other companion blocks. Maybe I'll pull out the box and put them on the design wall!

Fussy cut center
Maybe tomorrow. And, yes, it will be Day Three of Twisted Hexagons! Hope to see you then!


  1. Awesome. I'm not into EPP but can definitely manage a partial seam!!

  2. Hi Debby! Those fabrics on the EPP twisted hexagon are just gorgeous. You are sharing more details about this block each day, and I'm going to have to succumb to making it soon. I'm going to add to your Pinterest totals and PIN that easy way of sewing the block, too. 10,000 plus 1. HAHA! ~smile~ Roseanne


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