Twisted Hexagon Week, Day Four

Really? I have MORE? Ha, ha. You don't know me, do you? I shared on Day 1 a lovely, fussy cut cardinal. Remember? Because I'm not afraid of weird numbers, I decided to make this the center of a 15" finished Twisted Hexagon block. That meant that the center is half that (7-1/2" finished), so my template is cut 8" high.

Fussy Cutting this awesome cardinal motif
And I shared the lovely half-hexagons I cut to surround this lovely creature. I got carried away with cutting so many, but I was able to pick and choose my fabrics from this pile. Next week I will share what else I made with the leftover half-hexagons. Hint: it will be Half Hexagon Week!

Half-hexagons cut from 4-1/4" strips
Huh? Where did that number come from? A half-hexagon is half the finished height of the whole hexagon it surrounds. Half of 7-1/2" = 3-3/4". Add 1/2" for seams = 4-1/4". See what I mean about not needing a set of templates? You can get ANY of this using your 60 degree triangle ruler with markings every 1/4".

Here is the beautiful two block wall banner. It's beautiful mainly because of these fabrics. All I did was to find a way to showcase them!

Festive Season wall banner. 35" x 47"
And, yes, I made one more Twisted Hexagon banner with a fussy cut cardinal and more of those half-hexagons. ONLY the first round of strips are true half-hexagons. I added the second round of strips like a log cabin.

Round and round the strips go!
And I finished this using my ruler again, cutting the 30 degree green print side triangles. And I quilted it.

Finished table topper
Yes, I know it's only April, but Christmas comes too soon for many of us. This technique works with any fabric, any theme, and works so well with motifs you can fussy cut (center inside a patch).

How do I square up those Twisted Hexagon sides? Again, using my multi-sized 60 degree triangle ruler. You may be asking: OK? What does it look like so I can go see if I have one like it in my sewing room? This is my 6-1/2" ruler. It can cut shapes for blocks up to 12" finished height.

6-1/2" height 60 degree triangle ruler
This is my larger, 8-1/2" ruler. This can make blocks that finish to a 16" height!

8-1/2" height 60 degree triangle ruler
 BOTH rulers come with a tip sheet that shows how to cut ANY SIZE:
  • Triangle
  • Hexagon
  • Half-Hexagon
  • 30 degree setting triangles
And here is what the Creative Grids ruler looks like:

8-1/2" Creative Grids ruler (Retail: $21.00)
Up until recently, you were only shown how to cut whole triangles. Now they show how to cut the 30 degree side triangles the way I showed them in 2014. Hmmmmm. But they don't show how to cut whole hexagons or half-hexagons. (I guess they want you to buy one of their other specialty rulers; but even then, they can't cut ANY size)

I hope to have my rulers up at my Etsy shop in a few days (which will have a free quilt pattern included), but I want to show you one more step in "squaring up" a hexagon.

Fussy cut hexagon with 6 surrounding half-hexagons
I also had a black center. This is a finished block:

Twisted Hexagon block
Now, I wanted to "square it up" with 30 degree triangles.

Adding 30 degree triangles to "square up" the block
The fabric is folded with wrong sides together so you get a left and a right side at the same time.
Using a 60 degree ruler to cut those triangles
And here is my table runner:
This is the bonus pattern that comes with my Twisted Hexagon Sockey quilt
I'll be back tomorrow with just a few more projects made with these hexagons and half-hexagons. Yes, I've been busy. I hope you are enjoying the show!


  1. Hi!
    I'm loving it! I've got the half-hexi in two sizes and while I've made a project with them, it wasn't a huge success! I've liked these project a lot...And I have been inventorying my stashes. These fear is waning- bring it on! Thanks, Barb Bischof

  2. Hi again, Debby! Oh, that cardinal block with the additional rounds in SO cool. It looks just like a spiral to me, spiraling out fabric goodness. That's a great idea - and another one I need to PIN. Happy Friday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne


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