Do You Still Have This Calendar?

In another week and a half we will welcome 2023. Actually, it comes whether we "welcome" it or not! I discovered that my Block a Day calendars can be recycled every 7 years! If you still have my 2017 calendar, the dates and days match what is upcoming in 2023.

2017 Quilting Calendar

January 1 falls on a Sunday in 2023. It also fell on a Sunday in 2017! Here is the quilt that begins on that day. I call it Winter Blues. I have made all of these blocks at one time or another, except that bird!

Winter Blues Quilt: 12" blocks; 48" x 48" quilt

Now, some of the holidays may not coincide with the calendar dates (ie, Easter and Passover fall on different days each year), but if you want to have a calendar in your office or sewing room and you still own this, then pull it out!

I do NOT have any remaining copies. I'm not sure if it even can be found online. I'm just saying that the calendar can be recycled without confusion! And you may have it in your closet somewhere.

I will be featuring a few of the quilts and blocks throughout 2023. Here is one from February which I named Scattered Stars. I like that it's asymmetrical and less "matchy-matchy." I definitely will be offering this one (or one similar). I designed it using larger blocks with some Stella fabrics.

Scattered Stars, a February quilt

So, check your drawers and closets in case you still have this. I think it will be fun to see all the different quilts and blocks that were offered - and we get to recycle the calendar and enjoy doing it!


  1. I had trouble reusing some of my calendars because of leap years.

    1. Yes, that makes sense! I checked this 2017 calendar and it has the same dates and days as 2023 (no leap year!). Glad you shared that bit of info. Thanks!

  2. I wish I had it! I'd definitely use it again. I really like that Scattered Stars quilt, so I'm glad you're going to feature it. The blue one is pretty, too, though.

    1. I didn't save all my calendars, but I do have this one. Hope to get Scattered Stars up soon. It's a block that I've used many times.


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