Happy Hanukkah 2022

Today is the first day of Hanukkah 2022. While it's not a major Jewish holiday, because it comes around the same time as Christmas, it is embraced as one. When I lived in Maryland many years ago, my neighbor Heather (Jewish) told me that it became a way for her family to counter all the bling and lights and presents and parties of their kids Christian schoolmates! They wanted lots of presents, too!

Hanukkah card

I have had a small amount of Hanukkah fabrics in my stash for at least 20 years. The fabric in the card above is one of the oldest. I came upon a set of these window cards in the Dollar store (meant for Christmas family photos) and decided to feature some fabric. I put batting on the back, quilted it in a swirl and glued it inside. I love this!

Hanukkah Dreidel Coasters (6" square)

I designed a simple Dreidel block for paper piecing and made a few coasters. You've seen these before. I used the same pattern to make a little gift bag. It appeared in a quilting magazine a few times. I have given these away.

Dreidel gift bag

And one last quilt for today: this is from 1998 and was published in Quilt Magazine. The motifs are printed fabric and I added small pinwheel blocks surrounding them. Not sure who I gave this to, but it was a very special quilt for me to make!

I've even made some English paper piecing blocks using my Hanukkah fabrics. Here's a single block designed by Katja Marek. I should make it into a coaster!

And I found that I had cut some hexagons for 2" papers and decided to begin making a special Grandmother's Flower Garden block. What do you think? Maybe I'll be done by the end of the week; I just need two more of the blue hexagons. I will only use one light one for the center.

2" hexagons featuring menorahs

If you celebrate the Festival of Lights this week, I wish you and your family the best!


  1. Oh these are wonderful! My best friend for 25 years was Jewish and celebrated both traditions. LOL These are all great fabrics and make terrific gifts for Jewish friends. Thanks for sharing them. That quilt is very special.


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