Scrappy Christmas Quilts

I am not a purist - I freely mix and match fabrics across fabric companies. I especially love when the fabrics come from one company because the colors match perfectly. Festive Chickadees from Benartex is just such a company. I mixed it with Festive Season.

Twisted Hexagon Chickadees. 42" x 47". Blocks are 10" high

I loved being able to capture those sweet chickadees inside a hexagon. I cut freezer paper hexagons the size I needed then cut a "window" so I could find the perfect motif. The freezer paper is ironed to the fabric and "sticks" so I can cut out the whole hexagon. It can be peeled and reused.

I used my 60 degree triangle ruler to cut both the hexagons and the half-hexagons. It's not magic, but pretty close!

Cutting half hexagons

I pulled in a variety of other fabrics and actually cut too many - but then I had enough for a second quilt. These half-hexagons are from the Festive Season collection.

How do the half-hexagons look with that sweet chickadee? So easy to make; just like a log cabin.

Single Twisted Hexagon block

And here's one more that combines the hexagons and half hexagons and then some!

Cardinal Hexagon Table Topper

And I made a two block wall banner with more leftovers. Obviously, I didn't have enough of one fabric for the borders, so I used two. Does it bother you?

Festive Season Twisted Hexagon wall banner

Make one block, make two or make a dozen. The piecing technique is the same. And don't hesitate to mix your fabrics freely. I just make sure the "personality" and colors are similar. No one will know the difference!

I'll be back with some more projects with these fun fabrics!


  1. No, mixing borders never bothers me. I believe in using everything! Each of those examples of this technique is beautiful, and now I'll be looking for a little bird fabric when I finally get to go shop hopping again!

    1. Yes, I too love the cardinals and chickadees in these fabrics. I have several of these quilts hanging right now in my house for Christmas. It looks like a quilt museum in here!


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