Quilts from My Calendars

I guess you could all me a Calendar Girl since I've published 18 quilting calendars over the years! Three wall calendars and 15 desktop Block a Day calendars. I was glad when my publishers decided to stop them after 2020 - my brain was SO empty!

Last year for the desktop calendars

I began the desktop calendars in 2006. I drew all the art, wrote all the directions, calculated all the supplies for dozens and dozens of quilts and several hundred blocks FOR EACH YEAR! Yes, I did this until 2020.

In the meantime, the original publisher was purchased by Andrews McMeel - the largest calendar publisher in the world and they decided they would also like a few wall calendars. I found this easier to do since I only offered them previously published quilts (and all the instructions were written!)

2012 Wall Calendar of Quilts featuring Snow Crystals

Many of the quilts in the calendar I sell individually. It's a bargain to get 13 of them on the calendar! Let me show you a few of these quilts (Snow Crystals is on the cover).

Royal Star is based on a vintage quilt and it appeared in 2 magazines and on the cover of my first book. Paper piecing the points; rotary cut the center 9 patches.

Royal Star: 49" x 49"

My easy Winding Ways quilt done in rainbow colors. I gave this to the associate pastor of my church about 10 years ago. She loves it (of course!) Hint: the 10" blocks consist of two patches (instead of the traditional 12 patches). Raw edge appliqué.

Easy Winding Ways: 55" x 55"

One Day Lone Star (that's how I taught the class). 35" center block.

Big Block Lone Star: 48" x 48"

And don't forget one of my favorite patterns: Hearts on Fire! 10" blocks.

Hearts on Fire raw edge appliqué quilt: 43" x 63"

Yes, I know the calendar was for 2012, but the 13 quilts are not tied to a year! The 2012 Calendar of Quilts is a 92 page pdf on CD. I can also put the files on a USB flash drive. There are 13 quilts (because of the extra cover quilt). Here's how the back cover looks:

Check it out in my Etsy store.


  1. Wow, that is a bargain! Does this mean you aren't doing wall calendars now, either? I didn't realize you had so many desk calendars! I only have one of them. The one you did blocks from a few years back - before Covid, at least. Are any of the others still available, or should I just look on Amazon and book sites to see if I can find another one? Thanks, Debby! Lovely designs, all of them. I particularly like the bright happiness of Snow Crystals!


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