Seven Sisters - Modern Version

I get inspiration from all places, even crochet. I saw this beautiful table topper on Pinterest about 8 years ago and saved the photo. I wish I had remembered to save the maker's name (and I'm going to try to track it down in the meantime!) This is a traditional pattern that is updated with fresh, bright colors.

Crochet table topper using 60 degree diamonds

I was sent a collection of these Benartex fabrics in 2016 and they said "MODERN" to me. They are from the Fabricadabra Collection by Paula Nadelstern.

Fabricadabra strips

I was going for a modern version of my Seven Sisters pattern, inspired by that crocheted beauty above. I wasn't sure of how I would do it, but I did start cutting the same size diamonds. But FIRST I sewed a 1-1/2" (1" finished) strip of the gray to each of the colors. Then, using my trusty acrylic ruler with the 60 degree lines, I cut my 3-1/2" diamond strips.

Diamonds with gray strips

I did this with all the colors I was using. Then I put a few more strips in there and arranged them on my design wall. Cut some 60 degree triangles for the ends of the rows. I still didn't know how I was going to get where I wanted to go!

Diamonds, strips and triangles - Oh, my!

Playing with placement .. .

Then I added some long 1-1/2" strips. (yes, there's another project on there - I usually have 3-5 projects going at any given time).

Diamonds and strips and even a few triangles!

I did some ripping, too, as you can see by that seam fold at the top. I pieced 3 sections, not sure where to put the long sashing strips. Yes, I continued to rip!

Half of my Modern Seven Sisters

I had to do some improvisational piecing on some of those outside triangles, but you can't see it so I won't point it out!

As you can see in that photo above, my plan was to put a center horizontal sashing strip in there. Here's what it would look like. I didn't like the look of my center star being split in half. More ripping!

Two halves with the center strip

I took out that strip and liked it much better! Here are the two halves before the center seam. I named this Sparkling Jewels.

Sparkling Jewels: 32" x 36"

I added some setting triangles and simple top and bottom borders. No pattern - my brain doesn't like to pattern things that border on improvisational! And no y-seams!

Maybe you can see how similar it is (or maybe it isn't!) to my traditional Seven Sisters:

Original 7 Sisters table topper

And one in brights:

7 Sisters in Brights

Basically, the same diamonds and triangles and lots of imagination!


  1. I like your improvisational piece! I do see the similarity. Somewhere in storage, I have a partially completed Seven Sisters put together by a 91-yo aunt, more than 50 years ago. I got it partly quilted, and then we moved, and it's been packed ever since. I hope I find it again one of these days!

    1. Seven sisters is classic. I hope you find your aunt's piece and finish it. I have a vintage quilt I started hand quilting 30 years ago. Sits in my closet. I think I'll finish it via machine. Still thinking about it!


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