Quilted Apron for an Artist

I like to say that to a quilter - any piece of fabric says "make me into a quilt!" But, this time, a piece of pre-quilted fabric wanted to become an apron. But I do NOT like to sew using someone else's patterns and technique. Too many words. Too many mixed up ideas. It takes about 20 pages to get to the point (the same goes for online food recipes; enough said!)

This is an apron I made at least 40 years ago that I pull out every Christmas. This became my pattern!

OLD and well used Christmas apron

I bought this pre-printed panel from a now defunct store called Minnesota Fabrics. You didn't think I pieced all those beautiful stars, did you?!! I added the backing and a thin batting. The binding/ties were part of the panel. Just sew it together and it's done!

My daughter Hilary asked me to make her an apron for her linocut printing (ink on paper and fabric). She showed me one I made for her about 15 years ago and I no longer have the pattern.

Hilary's old apron!

I used my Christmas panel apron as my pattern using some navy pre-quilted fabric. I added a few inches to the top and bottom.

Christmas apron as pattern

Found some fabric for the ties and binding and this is what I got. Oh, yes, I added pockets. Very easy.

Hilary's new apron

Her plan was to take a Zoom class to learn how to print on fabric using linocuts.  She is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon's School of Art and Design (that's why I have worked all these years!). She's a wife and mother and works a full-time graphic design job and dabbles in creative art when she can. These are two of her linocuts that she wants to print on fabric.

Hilary's Sugar Skull printed on paper

And one design inspired by a rock she found in a local park:

Oh, and she didn't have any fabric! (She's not into sewing - shock!). So, I mailed her a bunch of fat quarters. These are mostly from the Windham Fabrics Artisan Cotton collection. Fabulous solids that resemble shot cottons.

Mostly Artisan Cotton fat quarters

She washed and ironed the fabrics (almost never touches an iron, so this was a challenge) and has done a few prints. I told her I want some of what she does so I can build a quilt around them - of course!

See? Sometimes I don't make a quilt with my sewing machine. Only sometimes!

When I get some of her printed fabrics I'll show them to you.


  1. I look forward to seeing her prints. She must be very talented to have gone there and graduated. I'm always envious of those who have real art talent. I love quilting, and I think it's art, and I'm decent at it, but don't ask me to draw beyond stick figures! LOL Your apron idea was wonderful, and made a great one. I like those paneled things for stockings and stuffed dolls, too. I love what you said about patterns! A few more pictures could save dozen pages. LOL


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