More Kaleidoscope Quilts

As I showed you on Thursday, it is fun to use stripped fabrics to make more interesting kaleidoscope blocks. Here is one I made about 10 years ago.

Two fabrics for the kaleidoscope triangle

Remember that very complicated looking quilt from the other day? I discovered my colored diagram from when it published 20+ years ago. Same simple block, but some amazing coloring going on!

 And the quilt again . . . Yes, it's hard to believe what you can do with colors!

Kaleidoscope of Illusions

I made some blocks using plain black fabric and warm, Autumn prints. I turned it into a table runner. This fabric is from 2012!

Autumn Leaves table runner

And one more kaleidoscope quilt made using 1930s prints. It's not a very good photo, but this actually is a real quilt! This goes to show that you can make these blocks very, very scrappy and still get super looking blocks! This was made in 2007.

Feedsack Kaleidoscope. 50" x 50". 10" blocks

Patterns for BOTH block sizes are included in my 12 page pdf. The Merry Go Round quilt (from the other day) along with this Feedsack Kaleidoscope. Check out the Etsy listing!


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