Same Patches, Two Blocks

Most of my quilting inspiration comes from vintage and traditional blocks. Wagon Wheel is one of them. I have English Paper Pieced this as well as rotary cut and stitched it. Here's one made via EPP using the Grand Illusion fabrics by Windham.


Wagon Wheel block

Notice there is a full hexagon in the center surrounded by 6 half hexagons. Here are two hexagons ready to be surrounded by those half-hexagons.

Two whole hexagons

Same center hexagon with the half-hexagons turned 180 degrees. You've seen my Twisted Hexagon blocks before, and I think it's fun to see these two distinct blocks made with the same fabrics!

Twisted Hexagon using the very same patches!

Back to Wagon Wheel. I've shared tutorials on making these via rotary cutting and piecing. Unfortunately, you would have to stitch a y-seam (in fact, 6 of them!) to do it the traditional way. I sewed the half-hexagons into a circle and then interfaced the center hexagon and appliquéd it to the center. Easy!

Rotary cut patches for the Wagon Wheel (aka, Honeycomb)

I made two lovely Honeycomb (Wagon Wheel) table toppers using this method. Here are the parts of one of them. I actually put batting and backing on these and finished the edges using a "pillowcase" method (no binding). The topper is made of 4 blocks.

4 Wagon Wheel/Honeycomb blocks: 10" x 13"

Then I put them together like this by doing a fine, short zigzag stitch to join them:

Honeycomb Table Topper

And the second one using an Amanda Murphy collection called Blend:

Honeycomb Topper from 2014!

And what happens when you have just enough fabric left of this gorgeous collection to make a few more blocks. I combined TWO Twisted Hexagon blocks with ONE Wagon Wheel (center). It hangs in my living room in a skinny space next to my windows. Perfect width for that!

Two Twisted Hexagon and One Wagon Wheel

Here are the Twisted Hexagon parts. I shared this a few years ago (do a search for Twisted Hexagons and you will find quite a few tutorials here!)

Twisted Hexagon parts: Whole hexagon and 6 half-hexagons

I made several more whole hexagons using EPP and they are destined for still another quilt. Let's see them! Aren't these fabulous centered in the 2" hexagon papers?

2" hexagons featuring a wonderful motif in the center

Hope you enjoyed seeing the possibilities of taking a vintage pattern and updating it with today's fabrics and easy techniques!


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    1. Thanks! I have so much fun fussy cutting a motif to be the center of a patch.

  2. I DID enjoy seeing how you could have very different blocks with just a little twist. It's fun to see how you make things easier, too.

    1. Both blocks are traditional/vintage. Nothing new under the sun. But it sure is fun with today's fabrics!


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