Kaleidoscope Colors and Blocks

We all have so many different rulers and sometimes what they can do - really! I love my kaleidoscope rulers because they play very nicely with my fabrics, especially strips and scraps. Let's see a kaleidoscope quilt first. This is one from about 12 years ago when I taught this workshop for the Sewing Expo.

Days to Remember Kaleidoscope (2010) using 4 fabrics

One of the very first ones I made was published in Quilt Magazine in 1996. This isn't a very good photo, but the coloring of the patches is much more sophisticated than what you see above.

Kaleidoscope quilt from 1996

Let's see another older one made from 4 blocks and a matching single block pillow. This was made with some vintage Kaffe Fassett fabrics. Very simple use of 2 colors for the blocks.

Kaleidoscope 4 Block Quilt using 2 fabrics

Let's see it lying flat and you can see how the fabrics are swapped out on the patches from block to block.

A kaleidoscope ruler is an elongated triangle that has a 45 degree angle at the top. It is NOT a Tri-Recs ruler. It is NOT a 60 degree ruler. You can see it here in one of my older photos - #3. Check your drawers - you may have one from Creative Grids or Marti Michell.

Kaleidoscope Ruler is #3

I'll be sharing more kaleidoscope blocks and quilts in the next few days. I realized I made SO many over the years. You can see some other photos in my Etsy listing for the 9 block version at the top. Check it out!


  1. Oh, I do like the one from 1996. It's amazing what color placement does in a pattern!


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