Christmas Week Blocks

My Block a Day perpetual calendar was first published in 2007. It remained a favorite for 10 years. I still sell the CD with all 366 blocks in 2 sizes and 12 quilts. To say it was a lot of work would be an understatement! I worked on it for the better part of a year (and other things, too). Here are the blocks for December 21 (Winter Solstice and first day of Winter) through the day after Christmas.

I want to thank Patricia Bryant of Australia for these photos. She made every single block for the entire year!

Garrett Window - December 21 block. 6"

Alpine Cross is the December 22 block. 10"

Market Square is the December 23 block. 8"

Market Square

Holiday Leaves is the December 24 block. 12". Hey! What's with those bugs, Patricia?!!

Holiday Leaves

Christmas Star is the December 25 block. 15".

Shooting Star is the December 26 block. 8". Santa's waving bye-bye until next year.

Here are some of my vintage Christmas decorations from at least 35 years ago!

I hope your holidays are special. We all know we have to work with Plan B because Plan A during this Covid stuff won't work this year. We are hopeful next year will let us celebrate with our families the way we would like. Stay safe!


  1. Merry Christmas Debbie thanks for all the inspiration this year. Keep well.

  2. Merry Christmas.
    I love the embroidered angel ornament. I do ornaments for grands and some others. Do you have a pattern or can I just copy from picture?
    Thank you

  3. I hope you had a terrific day today, and had some time with family, reality or virtual. We had snow (first white Christmas in 11 years here in E. TN!) and it's so cold, the snow is actually crunchy sounding! I heard even Atlanta had some flurries last night, but we had 4 inches in Knox. I remember seeing all the blocks she did - I've done a lot, but not all of them! Beautiful things only become more beautiful with time.


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