Twins Week 2, Day 4

 Just a quick post today. I want to feature my Winding Ways quilts, many of which you've seen before. Let me start with the most recent using the Sweet Wish Collection by Windham Fabrics. I made this in July. This uses my "cheater's" method which converts the 12 curved template pieces to one template and one square background piece. No kidding! You can see the steps in a recent blog post about this.

Sweet Wish Winding Ways

Here is a very old one I made about 20 years ago and published it in Quilt Magazine and it was also featured in my first book.

I taught a workshop several years ago where we actually worked with all the templates and pre-cut fabrics. I had several samples. This next quilt uses the sample blocks I had leftover. I have since had it quilted and donated it to a local children's charity.

Winding Ways made the old fashioned way with 12 patches per block!

What do you think of my borders on these? Not a single fabric but strips. I like it (and it makes good use of fat quarters).
Winding Ways using my 2-Patch system

Winding Ways using the 12 patch technique

Again, using the 12 patch (templates) technique

I made this about 15 years ago for a fabric company. I like that cascading rainbow of blocks running diagonally down the center, don't you?
Winding Ways in black and white and rainbows!

And let's see some blocks and then my most recent quilt:

10 Blocks pieced using 12 patches of fabric each

And my 62" x 72" quilt top waiting to be quilted (won't be by me - too big!) It takes up most of my kitchen floor. What do you think of that setting, sort of like irregular log cabins?

20 block Winding Ways: 62" x 72"

You can find my Winding Ways pattern in my Etsy shop. It's the 2-Patch system. Very quick and if you don't spill the beans, no one will be the wiser!

Thanks for stopping by. Not sure if I have the time to do another post this week, so you'll know when I do!


  1. Have always liked this design; thanks for sharing your samples. Might have to be my next baby quilt.


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