Quilt Twins Week: Day Three

Another day, another set of twins. First, a funny story. My 3rd daughter was just a year old or so. My husband's sister just discovered she was pregnant - with twins! I asked my husband, "Where did that come from? Whose side of the family?" And he said: "My side."

I NEVER KNEW THAT. I had single pregnancies with each one. Little did I know that I could have had twins!

Now for my quilt twins. This pattern has shown up in a variety of fabrics. The first one appeared in my second book, Supersize 'Em Quilts (2009, Martingale).

Big Block Stars: 80" x 80". 30" block

This pattern is a 16 page digital pdf that includes patterns for 3 quilts. Let's see some of the others in this "twin" family. Yes, I know Halloween is behind us, but this is a fun quilt using ANY novelty prints.

Trick or Treat Mice: 42" x 42"

I made it a few years ago for Windham Fabrics using their Cottage Joy collection. Isn't this the sweetest? Again, a 30" center block. Outer pieced borders take it up to about 40" square, perfect for a small child.

Cottage Joy Big Block Stars

And in Christmas fabrics. This is just a digital rendition using the Holly, Jolly Christmas collection from Windham.

Holly, Jolly Christmas Big Block Star

And another Christmas quilt using "Oh, Christmas Tree" fabrics by - you guessed it - Windham! I finished quilting this in August.

Big Block Stars using Oh, Christmas Tree fabrics

The patches are large and the center goes together very quickly. It works with just about any personality of fabrics. And, remember: you can make 4 blocks and get a really large (80" x 80") quilt like the one at the top.

Hope you enjoy seeing my "family doubles." I'll see you on another day for even more Look Alikes in fabric!


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