Quilt Twins Week 2, Day 1

Oh, yes. I am going for another week of Quilt Twins (and triplets and quads and quints!) That's how much sewing I do and have done for 29 years. When I teach a workshop I not only bring my main quilt but several others (tops, block parts, etc) and then I get itching to finish those and - well - that's what you're seeing here!

Metropolitan Home Star is what I'm featuring today. Here is the inspiration (you've seen it before). This is a page from the Metropolitan Home Magazine, 1987!


Here is the latest one I've made, a single block that was a class sample for a larger quilt. The center block is 21" x 21".

Metropolitan Home Star block with borders

Here is the larger quilt that was made for an Atlanta quilt shop (where I first taught this 15 years ago).

Staggered Stars

Here are some blocks in progress. I'm going to arrange them the same way as the staggered ones above. I used some Uncorked blenders for the points.

Four of the 16 needed units

Not sure how I'll combine the colors yet

I made a set of these with some Windham fabrics called Butterfly Dance.
Single block using Butterfly Dance

And the quilt:
Metropolitan Home Star with 4 blocks in asymmetrical arrangement

One more single block quilt. Those squares are a wonderful place to showcase large patches of beautiful motifs.
Single Metropolitan Home Star with pieced borders

And here's the first quilt I made using my drafted pattern. Those pointy points are paper pieced, of course! She's a cover girl!

She's a cover girl!

And one last block/quilt. It was one of my workshop samples and it was itching to get quilted. I think I did but can't find either the quilt or the photo.

You can see all these photos in my Etsy shop listing of Metropolitan Home Star. I guess I like this block, as you can see! I wish I knew who first created that awesome setting to feature those pots of blooms. But I'm sure she is happy to see how much I've loved her design!