Quilt Twins Week: Day 6

 Yes, more twins. Actually, there is one more I'm working on for triplets. These two quilts appeared in my second book, Supersize 'Em Quilts (2009, Martingale). I called it Facets of Color as a play on words because I used a lot of Kaffe Fassett fabrics!

Facets of Color Quilt: 52" x 52"

The blocks are 18" x 18" and with sashings and borders this is a 52" x 52" quilt. I have since gifted it to a friend who loves blue.

This quilt is ALSO PATTERNED in my Quilter's Block a Day Calendar CD. I will be featuring it in my 2021 Block and Quilt a Month Program. If you own the calendar CD you can play along. Most of the months have TWO quilt patterns and I plan on having tutorials and sharing lots of tips for making these.

My CD has 366 blocks in TWO sizes. I also include what it would look like to put 4 blocks together without any sashing. Here is what I have for the Facets of Color block. I think I prefer the sashing!

4 Facets of Color blocks end to end

More on the 2021 Block and Quilt a Month Program soon! Here is one of the four blocks I have been working on for some time now. I abandoned them about 10 years ago and I just remembered they will be perfect for my program!

Facets of Color block: 18" x 18"

I also made a table runner with 2 blocks. It is still sitting on my dining room table. It needs to be changed out with a Christmas runner; maybe tomorrow!

Facets of Color Table Runner

I hope you'll consider joining me in my 2021 BOM Program. Once you buy the CD, you have access to ALL of the blocks and almost 2 dozen quilts that I will be featuring through the year. It's $15 and FREE postage (USA only). You can see some of the other quilts which will be featured if you visit that link.

I would like to figure out a way to include my international visitors. All my files are in pdf and I may just bundle things in groups of 3-4 months and sell them that way on Etsy. I do not have access to another way to sell things.

I'll be sharing more of the projects I'll be featuring as December rolls along. Stay tuned!


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