Quilt Twins Week 2, Day 2

Try saying that fast 3 times! Today I'm sharing four of my Coffee Filter Mariner's Compass quilts. I no longer teach the workshop because I've run out of the 20" coffee filters and they are SO expensive (the shipping was equal to the cost a box of a few hundred filters).

First, the filters. My youngest daughter used to work in Starbuck's and got a few for me (with permission, of course).

Let's see the parts. That center curved unit was drafted on a coffee filter. Then cut up and then we pieced 8 units. What you're seeing are two of the 8 units (1/4 of the block). The flying geese ring, the curved background and the final center circle.

Parts to my block

My friend Connie's quarter block.
1/4 of Connie's Mariner's Compass

Here is the very first one I made in 2013-14. Very traditional fabrics.

Coffee Filter Mariner's Compass: 32" x 32".

Then I had to have steps to teach the class. I stitched them and kept them in parts, but they begged me to put them into a quilt top! I tried to keep the personality more modern.

Added two borders

Then I wanted to make it in Kaffe Fassett fabrics:

And then I found this awesome panel several years ago. I had to do some serious drafting to make it work with my flying geese. There technically is no compass here, but there's some constellations!

And here are two compasses from students:

They are all so different, aren't they? No pattern - unless you can find a 20" coffee filter so you can draft your compass. If so, let me know and I'll put together a pattern you can purchase from Etsy.


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