Survey on Live 2021 Quilting Events

As you are probably aware, I am a quilt workshop classroom teacher and I enjoy it a lot! Unfortunately, I haven't been inside one of those classrooms since March 13 in Atlanta. The Sewing Expo is gearing up with a full calendar of 10 events across the USA, beginning in March 2021. I have been teaching for them since 2007 and it's the major part of my income source! What do you think about this bold move?

The SURVEY is short with 6 questions and there's room for you to add extra thoughts. Big Block Hexagons was on the 2020 schedule. I was only able to teach it in Atlanta. I'm bringing it back this year. 

Big Block Hexagons Class

Then there's my Folded Hexagon Flowers class. I made up kits for 3 cities and was only able to teach it in Atlanta!

Folded Hexagon Flowers

Flying Swallows was the Saturday class cancelled in Atlanta. Students had their fabric cut out and were ready to sew! Alas, we all had to empty the convention center by midnight Friday.

Flying Swallows

Cloisonné Diamonds is another class that I got to teach in one city. All other cities were cancelled. Again, students from several cities had purchased tickets, bought and cut their fabric ahead of time and were ready to start stitching!

Cloisonné Diamonds

I would be SO appreciative to have you answer my 6 question SURVEY. I'm somewhat conflicted about all this travel with the vaccine availability being somewhat questionable. What really matters to you?

Do you think we have shifted into a new paradigm of online classes? I would love your thoughts on that, too! Many thanks for any and all that you share!